Monday, January 7, 2008

Discovering Discovery Institute

Somewhere in Seattle, there lies a large building, not noteworthy in appearance, but noteworthy in content. This is because the walls of this building houses one of the major anti-science groups in America. This group is the Discovery Institute. While the Discovery Institute claims to be attempting to improve science, what they really try to do is to undermine "liberals" by using science and other avenues. The Discovery Institute has launched attacks on evolutionary theory, global warming, and many other tenets of mainstream science today. Are these attacks valid? Is there some underlying conspiracy in Discovery Institute's motives? Evidence shows (at risk of sounding like a conspiracy theorist) that the second allegation is true. The Discovery Institute's attacks on evolution are nothing more than a political/religious/social move attempting to change the rules of science itself. Strong allegations require strong proofs. This blog will provide just that; evidence, indeed proof, of a greater cause behind Discovery Institute's work. We will begin Discovering Discovery Institute by way of evolutionary theory.

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@bdul muHib said...

How do I vote that evolution is guided by God and is a scientific fact?